Jeffrey Hightower

Software Engineering Manager

Google Inc.
651 North 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103



Chairs and Editorships

Student PhD Thesis Committees

Student Interns

These great students have done summer internships and research fellowships with me:

  • 2010 Donnie Kim, UCLA
  • 2009 Sidhant Gupta, University of Washington
  • 2008 Keng-hao Chang, UC Berkeley
  • 2008 Sidhant Gupta, Georgia Tech
  • 2007 Daniel Klein, University of Washington (now a post-doc at UC Santa Barbara)
  • 2006 Patrick Hall, University of Washington
  • 2005 Alex Varshavsky, University of Toronto (now Senior Technical Staff at AT&T Research)

Program Committees


  • I regularly peer-review for conferences, journals, and workshops. I am happpy to accept review requests from conferences, journals, and funding organizations in my area up to a self-inposed monthly load-limit.